There’s something especially magical about the beauty of this December. From brown paper packages to simple place settings, here are many ways to have yourself a beautifully merry  holiday. ‘Tis a gift to be simple!

Here’s the list, how to make this Christmas in homes at your best yet.

  • Decorate with festive tartan.
  • Light things up.
  • Attend a small-town parade.
  • String your own garland.
  • Hang a country stocking.
  • Build a better fire.
  • Add rustic charm to a card display.
  • Honor your pet.
  • Celebrate family.
  • Set a festive table.
  • Head to the tree farm.
  • Stack a Mason jar Christmas tree.
  • Hang a wreath made out of pine cones, wood, bells, paper, a wagon wheel, or rope.
  • Top the tree with punched tin.
  • Dress up brown paper packages.
  • Cook up a warm glow.
  • Prepare a Christmas Day breakfast.
  • Shop at an old-fashioned store.


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