Planning to host a new year party at home this time? Well, in-house parties are great! You can have as much or as little fun as you want, you can pick the food, you can lay down all the rules and the best part? You don’t need to find a way to get home because you already there!

So for all aspiring party hosts of this year, here’s a guideline to throw the awesomest new year bash ever!

Must Haves For A Great Bash

Shimmer is the new black. It could be anything – drapes, cushion covers. Or just a string of fairy lights. Good lighting goes a long way in setting the ambience. You could move some of the furniture away to make space for a makeshift dance floor. You might also want to make it look even more awesome with some dim lighting and even put up a shiny disco ball, to complete the effect! And keep a large table ready to serve keep the food and drinks.


Music cannot be avoided. Make a playlist well in advance to avoid having to select tracks while entertaining your guests. Download the latest hits and save it in your playlist. Remember avoid raising the volume too much lest the neighbours come knocking.


Cook or order, its better to get an idea of your guests food preferences, so that you have enough food ready for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian crowd. Make sure that you keep the veg and non-veg dishes separate too. Plan the menu ahead. Finger foods are a must. If people are crashing at your place, consider prepping breakfast too! Have some good wine ready for toasting at midnight.


Take a count of how many of your guests would want to have drinks. In case of hard drinks you can follow the general rule of two drinks per guest during the first hour with one drink for every next hour. Also arrange for soft drinks or some mocktails for the non-drinkers.


Make sure that nobody goes home driving after drinking. Have their home numbers and a few cab service numbers handy. Follow up with everyone and make sure that everyone gets home safe and sound.

Activities For The Night

With loud music and other noises taken out of the equation, you might be left wondering about what can be done to spice up things. Here is a list of games and other activities you can do to have fun without causing inconvenience to your neighbours.

Group Games

Not antakshari or charades, they are fine too. But everyone has already played them a million times. Try the more popular western choices. It takes brains and some good amount of manipulation.


Discuss group stuff. It could be resolutions that you take together as a group – like doing charity or aiding charitable institutions. Or you could discuss ghost stories. This one never gets old. If you are gathering with family, there will be no dearth for topics.

Virtual Games

This one might be more apt for the boys, although. Play a few matches on your PlayStation, rent one if you don’t have a play station and try to beat each other’s score. This doesn’t involve too much noise, and it is always fun to defeat your friends!

What we have given you is a just a bunch of ideas that you can use for your home party. It is always fun to rack your brains and come up with something fun for your own group.

Your year may have been one hell of a ride. It could have been happy for some, it could’ve been downright traumatic.

Remember, things will definitely get better. Before the year ends, gather around and take a moment to be thankful for everything that you have. From all of us here, wishing you the very best for upcoming year!

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